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You can sponsor any of our talents directly. This page has been made to give you a quick overview of planned exhibitions, concerts and other projects that will result in booklets, pamphlets and/or posters as well as mentioning of the sponsor here at Talent-aid International
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 Duo Cadence
  • CD in 1000 copies with a booklet - 700 euro
  • Organization of concerts of new music in the cities of Ukraine, 500 Euro traveling expences.
  • Commision of a new piece by the outstanding ukrainian composer Miroslav Scoric - 300 euro
 David Coll
  • will be taking a course in computer music at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique), and is looking for financial aid to afford housing and course expenses.
 Tetyana Kravchenko
  • CD to introduce Ukrainian contemporary music to young Ukrainian and European audiences - 2500 euro
  • European tour with music by composers from France, Germany, Holland, Italia, Poland and Switzerland - 2000 Euro
 Volodimir Babienko
  • The project Southern Ukraine - 3,525 euro
  • The project Art-info - 7,650 euro
  • The project Contremaitre - 935 euro
 Oleksandr Semenov,
Aleksandra Sulymenko,
Volodymyr Shcherbak and
Yevhen Chorny
  • Project The Factory of Stars - 2000 euro
 Ensemble Pierrot Lunaire
  • Project Labyrinthmaker Platform - 2500 euro
 Bohdan Sehin
  • First pressing of CD - 1000 euro
    All donations above 100 euro will recieve a signed special edition of this CD when produced
 Taras Kravchenko
  • Personal exhibition in Odessa - 600 euro
 Olena Zozulya
  • Producing animated 3D cartoon IN THE WORLD OF THINGS - 3000 euro
 Oleg Lyubimtsev
  • Personal exhibition in Odessa - 500 euro
 Duo Stump-Linshalm
  • The duo needs the following instruments:
    • Basset horn
    • Bass clarinet
    • Contrabass clarinet
    • 2 microphones for bass- and clarinet
 Oleksiy Titov
  • A new concert hall quality accordeon (bayan)
 Oleg Vladimirsky
  • The project - Night before Christmas - 700 euro
 Harmonies of the World
  • Concert on the 25th of September, 2006, for the 100th anniversary of Dmitry Shostakovich
 Anna Proskurnia
  • Concert at Kyiv House of Scientists
    National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
    STATUS: Realised

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